The Performance of the 2016 Range Rover Sport

2016 Range Rover Sport Gray
There are many reasons that Greenwich drivers love the 2016 Range Rover Sport, and the performance features are one of them. By boasting an impressive engine with all the power and performance features that make driving exciting, this is definitely a new model you will not want to pass up.


The main concept looking into for performance is the power behind a vehicle. When you’re looking at the 2016 Range Rover Sport, you’ll be happy with what you find. Whit model comes standard with a 5.0L LR-V8 supercharged engine that produces 510 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque. In addition, this model can go from 0-60 in only 5 seconds, which ensures you can kick butt when taking off the line. When you’re looking for a vehicle that will handle the New Canaan roads with ease, this is definitely the one to choose.

Dynamic Handling

2016 Range Rover Sport rearPerformance features aren’t just about what the vehicle has under the hood—it’s also about the way it handles on the Greenwich road. The 2016 Range Rover Sport features next-generation Four Corner Electronic Air Suspension, which automatically switches the comfort of the ride based on the drive mode you choose. This way, whether you’re on the road or off, you can rest assured everyone in the cabin will be completely comfortable.

Torque Vectoring

When you’re handling heavy corners and sharp twists and turns, you can rely on the Torque Vectoring to give you the confidence to seamlessly handle it all. This features uses the electronic differential and brake system to confidently maneuver through corners, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.


Adaptive Dynamics continuously monitors the vehicle’s movements to help ensure you’re always safe. This vehicle will quickly react to give you better control and minimize your change for a rollover. Not many vehicles can claim to do this.


The 2016 Range Rover Sport takes diesel fuel, and this offers plenty of performance benefits. For instance, with its high efficiency, the diesel engine gives you better gas mileage compared to luxury SUVs using traditional fuel sources. In addition, diesel also generates less emissions, which means driving this vehicle is better for the planet. When you want to make the right choice, it’s clear that the 2016 Range Rover Sport is it.

Choose Yours at Land Rover Darien

The 2016 Range Rover Sport provides plenty of performance features that make West Port drivers happy. Visit Land Rover Darien today at 1335 Post Rd in Darien to see our full inventory and choose the one that best suits your style. You can also contact us online or by calling (855) 552-1292 to schedule a test drive or apply for financing. Our team will be happy to help you bring the right one home today.