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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

oil change

You most likely know that official oil change frequency guidelines are the result of extensive research, but some third-party service centers will create the impression that you need to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. While this may have been a safe guideline in the past, it’s only true in the rarest of cases today. How often should you change the oil in your Land Rover, really? Schedule oil service at least once every 7,500 to 10,000 miles–roughly once or twice per year–or however often your owner’s manual recommends!

Oil Change Frequency Guidelines Explained

Your owner’s manual is the ultimate source of truth for your vehicle, so don’t let any Greenwich or New Canaan “experts” tell you differently. However, since driver behavior can absolutely impact your oil life, it’s important to be flexible. Here, we’ve highlighted a few cases where you may want to increase your oil change frequency:

  • Towing and off-roading both place an additional strain on your engine and your oil. If you do either on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to come in for service more often. 
  • If you spend all your time driving in the city, you’ll place more wear on your vehicle than those who spend most of their time on the highways. More frequent oil service could help to offset this pattern.
  • Even if you don’t drive very often, it’s important to replace the oil in your engine regularly. That’s because oil degrades over time, even if it isn’t being used. 
  • The oil change frequency guidelines in your owner’s manual are based on the assumption that you always use the recommended oil and oil filters. You can always pick these up at our parts department.

What Happens When Your Car’s Oil Isn’t Changed?

Oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine, reducing wear while distributing heat away from the most vulnerable components. Failing to change the oil in your engine regularly is a surefire way to accelerate wear on your engine, reduce your vehicle’s performance capabilities, and sap time away from its expected lifespan.

Failing to change your oil regularly can also lead to engine knocking–a type of misfire that can be especially damaging where high-performance vehicles are concerned. In extreme cases, running on expired oil can cause overheating, irreversible damage, and even total engine failure.

How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?

Check your oil level at least once per month, and know that there’s certainly no harm in checking it more often. Doing so is the best and easiest way to catch leaks before they cause massive damage as you drive around Stamford or Darien.

Most Land Rover vehicles include an electronic oil monitor that you can access via your dashboard, while other vehicles will require you to pop open the hood and read the level with a dipstick. If you’re not sure how the process works, check out our guide on how to check your oil level today.

Schedule Your Next Oil Service with Land Rover Darien

We’re happy to answer questions like “How often should you change your oil?”, and we collect all of our most useful DIY car care tips and service guides on our website! If in reading this overview, you’ve realized that it’s time to schedule your next oil change, give us a call, schedule service online, or explore our exciting auto service specials today!

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