How Often to Replace a Car Battery


Typically, a car battery will need to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. That being said, there are a number of factors that can affect how often you’ll have to replace a car battery. Learn more about how to tell when you need a new battery, how to test a car battery, how much a battery costs, and more in this battery replacement guide from the service team at Land Rover Darien.

How to Know if Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced

There are a few warning signs that indicate your car battery needs to be replaced. Here’s what you should watch out for:

  • Your headlights are dimmer than usual
  • Your battery needs to be jump started often
  • Your car’s engine doesn’t turn over right away when you start it
  • You experience unusual power fluctuations

In some cases, these power fluctuations can be the result of battery corrosion. Check under the hood before you jump to conclusions.

Factors That Influence Battery Life

  • Heat: Hotter climates tend to make batteries wear out more quickly than cooler temperatures. That’s because heat causes liquids within a car battery to evaporate.
  • Vibrations: If the battery hold-down clamps are loose or if you drive often over rough terrain, the vibrations can break down internal battery parts at a much faster rate.
  • Jump Starts: Your battery life is shortened with every jump start you administer.
  • Time: Car batteries won’t hold a charge forever, so over time, it’s inevitable that your car battery will die.

Proper battery care, as recommended in your owner’s manual, is the best way to ensure that your car battery will last as long as possible.

How to Test a Car Battery

The service team at Land Rover Darien will be happy to test your battery for you. However, there are a couple of ways that you can do it yourself at your Norwalk-area home! Here are two easy ways to test your battery:

Headlight Test:

  1. Start your car, keep it in park, and turn on your headlights.
  2. Rev the engine and watch to see if the brightness of your headlights changes.
  3. If you notice fluctuations in the brightness, it’s an indication that the current from the battery isn’t strong enough when idling. Schedule service with Land Rover Darien for further assessment.

Digital Multimeter:

  1. Open the hood of your car and set the voltmeter to 20 DC volts. Then touch the negative terminal (black) to the negative meter probe (also black).
  2. Repeat this step by touching the positive terminal (red) with the positive meter probe (also red).
  3. Have someone turn on your vehicle’s headlights, and check the voltmeter reading.
  4. At a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, 12.5 volts or higher indicates a full charge; 12.3 volts indicates a 75% charge; 11.8 volts or lower indicates a 25% or less charge.

How Much is a Replacement Car Battery?

So about how much is a replacement car battery? In general, a standard car battery can cost anywhere between $75 and $120. Premium batteries can cost up to $200, and batteries for hybrid models are often priced the same or higher than that. Check with our Parts Center to find the exact cost of the battery your vehicle needs. We carry a fine selection of high-quality Land Rover batteries, and with our parts specialsyou’ll find some of the best deals in the Wilton area.

Get Expert Battery Care and More at Land Rover Darien

If you want your car battery tested or replaced, the professionals at Land Rover Darien are here to help. From oil changes and tire rotations to brake repair and transmission work, we get the job done right. If you’d like more auto service tips or have any questions, please feel free to contact our service center.

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